Fincorp at Commercial Finance Expo

As a new member of the NACFB, it was our first time exhibiting at the Commercial Finance Expo. How did we find it?
Although, the show started slowly for everyone, by 11.30 am we were busy with brokers coming onto our stand to introduce themselves. Most had heard of Fincorp and knew our reputation for clarity and simplicity in our dealings with clients and brokers.
Our message of 'No-Fees' bridging certainly seemed to strike a cord with many of the brokers I spoke to, especially when they realised that they'd still get a commission from us when a deal is done.
It also appears that there is a mood amongst brokers away from the 'gimmicks' that currently seem to pervade this industry - the free i-Pads, the holidays and the like - and towards a desire for a more transparent and upfront approach to bridging lending. I think that's a good thing and it's how Fincorp has conducted business since it started almost 25 years ago.
By the end of the day both Michelle and I were exhausted, but pleased with the conversations we'd had at the show and the new relationships we'd formed.