The Flexible
Refurbishment Loan

Fincorp’s Refurbishment Loan is a 12-month loan for both heavy and light refurbishment projects, that gives you the choice of how you pay for the loan; you can choose to spread your costs evenly across the period of the loan without incurring an up-front arrangement fee, or you may want the flexibility of a lower monthly rate with the option to pay fees. It’s your decision.

The Fincorp Flexible Refurbishment Loan is funded through a £15 million fund that is available now. Fincorp is also able to offer loans up to 70% of the refurbishment costs.

Flexible Refurbishment Loan criteria


Option 1

  • Up to 12-month loan
  • 1.25% monthly rate
  • Up to 70% LTV
  • 1% arrangement fee
  • 1% redemption fee

Option 2

  • Up to 12-month loan
  • 1.50% monthly rate
  • Up to 70% LTV
  • No fees
Interest and fees can be paid up front or rolled into the loan and paid at redemption. Again the choice is yours.

For intermediary partners

For both loan options there is a 1% Procuration Fee paid up front by the lender on completion of the deal.

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